Last weekend Bella Kreations hosted our very first makeup workshop. Our workshop is all about teaching you the basics of makeup, while having a great time with your girlfriends. We had 16 girls attend, a few bottles of wine and some sweets!

We had the very talented Cakes by Ally Small cater the event, as well as come out and style our table for us – she is the cake queen!

The idea is to host your own girls day and we will come out to you and teach you the basics of how to do your own makeup like a pro. This is a great idea for a hens weekend, birthdays or just a simple catch-up with your friends.

All the girls were asked to bring their own makeup that they use everyday, so I could teach them how to use their own products, but I also supplied the mirrors, product and brushes if they needed it.

Everybody took home a goodie bag and a makeup guide that they can now flick through in their own time to refresh on anything they learned during the workshop.

If you’re interested in hosting your own event, please contact us by email using the contact form on this website and we can get back to you with more details!

Korryn xx

Let’s be honest, we have all been guilty of putting a filter on an Instagram picture we just uploaded and hash-tagging #nofilter when we all know there is a filter on that picture!

I will be the first to put my hand up in using filters and different apps to make my pictures look great, because we all want to look flawless, right? And I follow a lot of makeup artists on Instagram, as this is my passion and I love doing what I do.

I’ve always found a lot of inspiration and motivation off other Instagram pages, but my one pet-hate is that when you can clearly tell an image of a client or themselves is filtered or touched up by ‘Facetune’ or some other app and they’re seemingly claiming it.

To me this is false advertising – you’re selling someone something that isn’t reality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s frustrating as a makeup artist when you take a picture and it doesn’t do the makeup any justice or doesn’t show those colours through the image, but a filter isn’t the answer.

As I said, I’m all for a good filter on all kinds of pictures, but on my personal page, not my business page of my work, because it can be misleading to potential customers. I’m not saying I have never used a filter on my business page back in the day – #mybad – because I would be lying.

However, the only thing I do to an image now is adjust the exposure depending on the lighting, because this way everyone can see how your work appears in real life. The majority of the time we will either take a photo ourselves or receive one afterwards, but rarely are they from a professional photographer so it can be hard to show the look we’ve created.

I was once taking a picture of a bridesmaid’s makeup I just did and the wedding photographer came up to me and showed me that by just changing the exposure on your iPhone camera, you can get a great picture. That is all I ever do now – by adjusting that while taking a photo, it works like a gem.

Just don’t be fooled by what is real and what isn’t!

Korryn xx

A few years back I headed to New York and Los Angeles. America is one place I would highly recommend going to, especially if you’re a makeup lover!

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, which mind you I have never seen anything like it. It really lives up to its word. Have you ever been stuck behind someone in a shopping centre walking so slow and waiting for the right time to pass them? This is New York all day, everyday. By the end of the trip I guarantee you have nailed the skill of dodging anything in your way.

Times Square Sephora was my first stop, after a few hours and my week’s spending money – not even joking! I was one happy girl. This place is the definition of ‘makeup heaven’ and the Australian one doesn’t even compare. After many attempts during the week of trying to go into the MAC shop at Times Square, it wasn’t possible – I have never seen so many people in a MAC shop before! I swear they were all Australian… when a lipstick is cheap you get as many as you can.

Next stop Los Angeles, after being in New York for a week, LA feels so peaceful and a place where you can breath. No dodging required. I didn’t do much shopping in LA, but I did find a MAC store at The Grove. When I went to pay at the counter for all my products, the lady did say ‘you must be from Australia’. Who doesn’t buy bulk makeup when it’s that cheap?

Besides the shopping, America is an amazing place and an eye-opener. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Korryn xx