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Making It Last

I have said previously how being apart of someone’s wedding day is indescribable, even if you have never met the person before. It’s honestly the most rewarding thing to watch and witness the emotion of everyone getting ready on their wedding day.

As a makeup artist it’s your job in making them feel beautiful, but not only that, it’s a job in making sure the makeup lasts through heat, rain, sweat and tears. So here are a few tips in making your makeup last, not only on your wedding day, but any occasion:

1. Cleansing and toning is a normal part of everyone’s daily routine. I still do recommend this, but at least a few hours prior to makeup application. If you apply makeup straight after, firstly, your cleansing and toning products are still working into the skin and, secondly, you do not want the makeup working in with the products as well.

2. Moisturising is also a part of everyone’s daily routine. If you’re someone that needs a rich moisturiser, you might want to swap this for a light moisturiser – also do this a few hours prior to makeup application as this again is working it’s way into the skin. If you apply makeup straight afterwards, your makeup will want to move and absorb in with the moisturiser.

3. It’s all about the base. Make sure a primer is applied on the skin before any foundation, as this creates a barrier on the skin and prevents the makeup from soaking into the pores.

4. It’s all about setting everything we just applied; you want to set your makeup with a setting powder for everything to stay in place. Unfortunately for those of us with oily skin, most of us are bound to get oily throughout the day no matter what, so I suggested bringing a powder with you to touch up or even some blotting paper. The last thing I do is spray everyone with a setting spray to keep everything in place.

5. Lastly, waterproof is the key word! Waterproof mascara, eyeliner and also there are a few water-resistant foundations on the market which I highly recommend, especially on those hot humid days.

Last Saturday one of my closest friends got married. Not only did I have the pleasure to watch her walk down the aisle and marry her best friend, I also got to be a big part of her day and be her makeup artist. Above is a picture of the beautiful bride Dani and her maid of honour Erin.

Korryn xx