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Facing the fear of the makeup chair

Getting your makeup done can be a scary thing! Let’s face it, we’re putting our faces in somebody else’s hands. As a makeup artist I see a lot of fear on client’s faces when they hop up onto the chair, giving me the quick look up and down, making sure my own makeup looks okay. We have all done it, which is okay, because if you don’t like a makeup artist’s makeup, then how can you trust them to do yours?

Being a makeup artist, I strongly believe in presenting your makeup in a way that represents you. You need to gain the trust of your clients and when they see your makeup and they like it, they instantly feel a sense of relief. But don’t always judge a book by it’s cover; easier said than done, right? Well everyone sees others in a different way and every makeup artist will do your makeup a different way.

Trusting a makeup artist is like trusting your hairdresser. It’s ideal to build a relationship with them and get to know them before you can fully trust what they are going to do. When the makeup artist asks how would you like your makeup and you say ‘I don’t care, whatever you think or want to do’, don’t be disappointed at the end when it’s not quiet what you imagined – you did just give them the option to do whatever they feel works for you.

If you have been going to your makeup artist for a while and they really know how you like your makeup, then that’s fine, let them do whatever they like. But I do not recommend this if it’s your first time getting your makeup done, as you don’t want to pay that money and go home to wash it off! My advice is to have a bunch of pictures of makeup you like, even a picture of your outfit you’re going to wear, so both you and your makeup artist are on the same page.

As a makeup artist it’s our job to find out what you want and a bit about you. If your makeup artist doesn’t ask you questions – such as what’s your skin type like? Are you allergic to any products or ingredients? And are you wearing contacts? – you don’t want them putting a dewy foundation on you and in the next hour you’re going to be shining like a disco ball because you naturally have oily skin.

I think the biggest thing is communication, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you see them putting purple eyeshadow on you and it’s not quiet what you wanted, tell them, don’t wait till the end of the makeup to say so. At the end of the day you’re paying them for their service, so you’re the one that has to walk away happy. Being in that makeup chair, you should feel beautiful and relaxed – that’s our job so enjoy it!

Korryn xx