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Choosing your perfect coloured pout

When it comes to choosing a lipstick colour, it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s like being a kid at a candy store again – they all look so good standing up in their perfect position like little soldiers as you decide which one you’re going to pick up first.

When picking a lipstick colour be mindful of the different undertones; red isn’t just red. You have got your cool undertones, your warm undertones, your blue reds, your orange reds… confusing right?

There are so many different ways to choose a lipstick. Some say base the lipstick colour on your skin tone and others say base it on your lip colour.

I think when choosing a nude lipstick, base this on your lip colour. You want to go one to two shades darker than your natural lip colour. If your lip colour has more of a deep tone to it, go for those apricot nudes as this will cancel out any of the darkness in your lips.

When choosing those bright/deep colours, I would base this on your complexion. For someone with more of a pale complexion, go for more of those cool tones – steer clear from brown undertones and head more towards those apricot peach colours.

If you’re a medium/olive complexion, go for the warm undertones and those brights colours, or if you’re a dark complexion, think deep plums and also bright colours, but be mindful of nudes as it can look too washed out.

For those of us who tan, the bright red that we fell in love with at the shop, but did not quite suit our pale complexion, will most likely look like the colour was made for us after we’re tanned!

No matter who you ask I guarantee someone will tell you something different. My best advice is sit down and try those colours on.

To me personally there is no right or wrong colour. Sure, some colours suit you better than others, but if you like that colour then own it, it really is what you feel comfortable wearing.

Korryn xx