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The washing machine that will change your makeup regime

There is nothing more time consuming than having to clean your makeup brushes; if only there was a machine that would do all that for you. Oh wait, there finally is! Yep, that’s right, your very own makeup brush washing machine. No more wrinkly fingers from sitting under the tap swishing your makeup brushes around.

Entrepreneur Fierra Cruz has invented just this, it’s called LILUMIA. Fierra realized there was nothing on the market to help her clean her makeup brushes, however as a model she realised how important it is to keep her brushes clean.

The Lilumia makeup brush cleaning device holds up to six brushes at a time and cleans them within 15 minutes. The only work you have to do is clip in your brushes, add soap and water, and wallah they’re ready to dry.

It comes in three different colours and will be available exclusively on their website at www.lilumia.com, launching August 7th 2015, and will retail at $149.00 in the US. Now you can enjoy washing your makeup brushes at the press of a button!

Korryn xx