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Making the most of your bridal makeup

As a makeup artist, to be a part of someone’s wedding day is indescribable. It is something so rewarding and beautiful to be part of, knowing that you are playing a little part in their day and it leaves a big impact on you. No matter how early the morning or how far I have to travel, I always walk away loving what I do.

Over the years I have done many weddings and no matter how big, little, fancy or low key the wedding is, each bride will ask me for a similar makeup look.

As a bride it’s important to look flawless, but to still look like ‘you’. You want more of a natural look with neutral colours, but a touch more than neutral so it stands out in photos. Well don’t worry, I know exactly what you want!

Whether you choose a makeup artist or you’re doing it yourself, my best advice is to gather ideas or images – whatever it may be – so you have something to refer to. Sometimes it can be really hard to get an idea of what you’re after as everyone has different methods of explaining their requirements.

For example, you may refer to a smokey eye as black shadow blended over the whole lid, but in fact there are many types of smokey, which doesn’t always have to be black – it can be done with any colour. So just make sure you are both on the same page to ensure you don’t walk away disappointed.

Make sure the foundation you use is right for your skin and if you’re an oily skin type, you want a long wearing matte foundation. If you’re a dry skin type, you’ll need more of a dewy foundation. I recommend trying out the foundation before your big day, so you’re confident it will last all day and that it will give you the look that you want.

Another important thing in picking your foundation is how much SPF it has. The lower, the better, or even better for photography purposes is none at all.

Although having SPF in your foundation is a good thing in most instances, it’s not ideal for your wedding photos due to causing flashback. Ever looked at your photos and wondered why you look like a ghost? Well, you have SPF to thank for that!

Your makeup may be a minor part of your whole wedding preparations, but a great look will do wonders for your confidence and really add to the special memories created on the day. That’s what we’re here for and, personally, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job!

Korryn xx